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Like it or not your business is involved in Social Media

If you have a company of your own (or you work for one) then whether you like it or not you’re involved in Social Media. People are talking about your business on the Internet regardless of whether you’re part of the conversation. So, wouldn’t it be better to be involved?

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Internet Marketing – E is for Engage (M.A.R.K.E.T.)

Here is my second post in a series of articles on Internet Marketing. Each post focuses on a letter in the acronym M.A.R.K.E.T. which I “coined” to help people better understand some of the factors for success when considering an Internet marketing strategy for their business. In my last post M was for Merchandise and now E is for Engage. I know that I am not doing them in order BUT the A is for Advertise is taking longer than I had hoped in an effort to make it easy to understand but still effective… hopefully A will be my next post.

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Growing the ASL Internet team in Kamloops

Employment opportunity at ASL Internet

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Here is an article from Canadian Auto World Magazine about Real-e-Live People

I am quite pleased with Jackson Hayes’ article about our ReLP software. Follow this link to read the article for yourself.

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