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On my way to Toronto

I’m on my way to Toronto. Hoping to finish my posts on “A is for Advertise (targeted)” before I return Wednesday evening. Cheers.


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Waterfront Dream Property

This has to be the most impressive single property real estate website I have ever seen. Yes, I’m biased. Yes, it was done by ASL Internet. But, don’t just take my word for it; see for yourselves. Of course, it helps having a great property to begin with.

For any of you who are interested I think this would make a phenomenal “corporate retreat” or “executive home”. If Tania and I hadn’t already purchased our property on the Thompson River we would have considered it for ourselves.

ASL Internet started this project about 45 days ago. It began with an in-depth consultation with the home owners and realtors to identify the scope of the project and the unique aspects of the property. Several planning and discovery sessions were held by the ASL team. We also conducted a photo planning session and two photo shoots on the property to ensure that we had every aspect of the property captured.

Take a look at the site… I’d love to know what everyone thinks… click on the read more link below or visit to see the site

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Here is an article from Canadian Auto World Magazine about Real-e-Live People

I am quite pleased with Jackson Hayes’ article about our ReLP software. Follow this link to read the article for yourself.

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Recollections and musings about Singapore

Singapore is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. I felt privileged for the opportunity. It was definitely way more Wow than Whoa!

I had heard, before I left, that it was more westernized than other Asian countries, but as I recollect who told me this I realize that some people here in Canada are so “westernized” that they see the world as just East and West with nothing else in between.

I found Singapore to be nothing like North America although the people love “American” things like entertainment, technology and luxuries. Instead of “Western” I found Singapore to be very European.

I also found that Singapore, in my opinion, has come close to reaching an idealist’s dream when it comes to tolerance and a social (tossed-salad) mix of race and religion. Their urban planning has integrated places of worship and religion for each predominant faith, in each and every community within Singapore. And, if that wasn’t incredible enough they have also managed to evenly distribute the percentages of their populace for each race and religion into each community, ensuring that everyone lives and works together in an atmosphere of acceptance and harmony.

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