Is Kamloops getting the tourism attention it deserves?

November 2, 2009 at 3:27 PM 4 comments

I don’t think it is.  Recently our company ASL Internet developed and launched a new website to promote the sale of the Lazy River Bed and Breakfast property. The new site is (  We are now in the middle of an online marketing campaign and I have become a little shocked and frustrated at what we are finding.

Today we found that the top 5 travel guide organizations in the world do not paint a good picture of Kamloops.  I have included some experts from them below.  I think something needs to be done!  The problem is I’m not sure who is responsible.  Hundreds of thousands of people who might consider spending their vacation dollars in Kamloops are being told to bypass our beautiful city.

I don’t blame Tourism Kamloops. They seem to be understaffed and rightfully they take a lot of their direction from the hotelier’s association.  I don’t blame the hotelier’s association for focusing on the “here and now” business like bus tours and other such groups. But, in the mix I believe that Kamloops is missing something very important. We will never become known as a tourism destination if we don’t start making an effort and promote what we have.  I think that perhaps the City of Kamloops needs to take up the gauntlet on this one.

I found great information on Kelowna, Penticton, The Shuswap and other places but when it came to Kamloops the recommendation was basically to stop-over if you must but don not stay long.

Here is what the top 5 Travel Guides have to say about Kamloops and Kamloops Tourism?

Lonely Planet ( ), one of the world’s largest print and online travel publications, promotes Kamloops as a “useful break in the journey” and a place where “motels abound and there’s a compact historic center”.  Information regarding the airport only covers Air Canada Jazz and not West jet leaving the impression that it is an airfield and not an airport.

Frommer’s Travel Guides ( ), a significant resource for European visitors, talks about Kamloops as “a retirement center for refugees from the mists of the Pacific coast”.  In the description of Kamloops it says “The forest-products industry is the city’s primary economic force, although Kamloops is also a major service center for ranchers and farmers. For travelers, Kamloops makes a handy stopover between other destinations, though it isn’t really a tourist town.”

Froder’s Travel Guides ( ), popular world wide, says “Kamloops is a popular overnight destination because it’s generally considered an ideal half-way point between the Rockies and Vancouver. It’s also somewhat of a highway hub, as it’s where the Trans-Canada highway hooks up with Hwy 5. But it’s generally not considered a holiday destination.”

Ulysses Guides ( ), used extensively in France, seems to promote Kamloops the best out of all of the guides but their reviews pale in comparison to other destinations like the Okanagan. They say Kamloops is “the capital of inland British Columbia is a major stopover point. The local economy is driven chiefly by the forestry and tourism industries, with mining and stock breeding playing subsidiary roles.”

And here is the WORST OF ALL!!!  Travel Advisor ( ), another popular travel guide (especially in the UK) actually has a complete description of Penticton under the section for visiting Kamloops.

Am I the only one who thinks that Kamloops has a lot to offer from a tourism perspective? I would love to here input and feedback from anyone on this topic… what do you think?


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  • 1. uberVU - social comments  |  November 3, 2009 at 2:49 AM

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  • 2. Howard Grieve  |  November 3, 2009 at 10:29 AM

    Hello Peter.

    Interesting perspective on the marketing of Kamloops as a tourism destination.

    I would like to update your followers on some of the topics your blog touched on. Tourism Kamloops has gone to considerable lengths to have the misinformation on these sites corrected or improved to reflect the actual tourism situation here. We search the internet daily to seek out opportunities to market our products. During these searches we often stumble across misinformation and negative opinions such as that you found on the five sites you listed. The misinformation we work to correct, the negative opinions we respect and work to reverse with our marketing efforts.

    With at least two of the sites you mention, we have hosted their research staff in Kamloops and toured them around the region with the intent that they would update their information. Unfortunately we do not see results in the form of updating or corrections. Kamloops being describe as Penticton is a particularily sore spot with us but our requests for change over the past year have not yielded any results, yet.

    While the five sites you listed are well known travel guides or sites, they should be considered as one source of information on travel.

    I recommend that you and your followers visit the Tourism Kamloops website and review the over 300 active pages of information we use to promote everything we have to offer in Kamloops and the region. This should give you a much better perspective on the many markets we target that do also include the motorcoach tour market. We are very proud of the amazing results we have seen from our Mark Madryga leisure campaign targeting the lower mainland and the province as a whole.

    • 3. cameroninglis  |  November 3, 2009 at 11:00 AM

      Howard, thank you very much for your comments. It is great to hear that you were aware of the situation and making efforts to have improvements made. As I said in my post I don’t blame Tourism Kamloops. In fact, I think Tourism Kamloops does a marvelous job with the resources they have. I refer to the tourism Kamloops website often.

      I wonder if it would help to rally others from Kamloops and beyond to help as “Ambassadors” and organize social marketing campaigns, submissions and responses to the negative attention and/or lack of attention we have received in these publications?

      Also, when it comes to hosting delegations and research staff from organizations like this in the future I gladly offer myself and the Dot Calm if they’d like to tour Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River in style over the summer months. Please do not hesitate to contact me if the opportunity arrises.

  • […] Is Kamloops getting the tourism attention it deserves? « The Dot Calm Blog – view page – cached I don’t think it is. Recently our company ASL Internet developed and launched a new website to promote the sale of the Lazy River Bed and Breakfast property. The new site is… Read moreI don’t think it is. Recently our company ASL Internet developed and launched a new website to promote the sale of the Lazy River Bed and Breakfast property. The new site is ( We are now in the middle of an online marketing campaign and I have become a little shocked and frustrated at what we are finding. Read less […]


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