The city of Kamloops B.C. is open for business to high-tech companies

April 9, 2009 at 10:27 PM 1 comment

On Friday, April 3, 2009,  along with my fellow directors, from the newly formed Interior Technology Industry Association (, I met with representatives from the City of Kamloops ( to discuss the Kamloops Community Fibre Network. In attendance from the ITIA were Myself (Peter Cameron-Inglis), Paul Archer, Michael Koehn, Jason Wassing and Jarrod Goddard. We were accompanied by Bill McQuarrie from the Interior Science and Innovation Council (, and Anita Grover from Venture Kamloops ( From the City of Kamloops we collectively met with Mayor Peter Milobar, Frank Mayhood and Sally Edwards.

We met in order to learn first hand the truth behind rumors and media attention suggesting the demise of the Kamloops Community Fibre Optic Network KCN.  The result, put simply, is the rumours are not true. The KCN is NOT a dead issue. In fact it is still a phenomenal opportunity.

As it has been explained to us here is the ‘whole story’…

The KCN has three planned phases… 1) connecting public sector facilities, government offices and educational institutions. 2) connecting businesses that require access, and 3) extending the fibre optic network to the general public.

Here is an important note: The KCN is NOT (nor has it ever planned to be) a connection, in and of itself, to the Internet. A lot of people have misunderstood this fact. Instead, it is a network of fibre optic cables which allow users to transmit larger volumes of data at significantly higher speeds (versus DSL/ADSL or other services over copper wire or wireless signals) from one office/area of the city/network to another. So what is the big deal? Why go through all of the expense? What’s all the hype been about? Well, apart from the long-term cost savings it creates for the phase 1 users (and therefor the tax payers), it also gives our city a tremendous advantage in attracting information technology companies and great career opportunities for our region. Without this infrastructure Kamloops is at a disadvantage in attracting and growing the “high-tech” industry. If these companies are going to move (or build) their offices and data centres here they need access to networks that can transmit data reliably, in larger volume, and at much faster speed than you or I need at home. The KCN can allow them to cost effectively locate their facility anywhere along its network and use it to connect to a major provider’s fibre optic network which is also connected to the KCN (like Bell, Telus and many other providers).

Now back to the sensational rumours… The City made a decision to put out requests for proposals and potentially partner with a private company to complete and maintain phase 2 and phase 3 of the Kamloops Community Fibre Optic Network, rather than making you and I (the tax payers) pay for it. This is still an opportunity. It’s a great BIG ‘open for business’ sign sitting on top of Kamloops. The city did not choose to partner with any of the companies who put proposals forward because those proposals did not, in the city’s opinion, present a solid well-formulated and well-financed business plan. I for one applaud them for not jumping “into bed” with the first one to come along. Instead they’re making sure that they are being good stewards of what has been entrusted to them.

The fact is … when the right company comes along with a good business plan … it IS going to happen! I challenge everyone to be part of the solution in growing our city’s high-tech industry along with the ITIA and the City of Kamloops.  To find out how you can help please post your comments to this blog and I will respond.


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  • 1. Peter Grauer  |  April 23, 2009 at 2:10 PM

    Excellent write up on KCN, Peter. Also, glad to be connected to your blog.
    See you at the next meeting, I hope.
    Peter G.


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