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Wow or Whoa? How about Chair Miles rather than Air Miles?

One of my favorite expressions is “great business ideas are like buses – there’s one every five minutes”. Since I can’t do them all I thought I might offer up an occasional ‘bus’-iness idea for someone to consider through my blog from time to time. So here is another one (the first was in my previous post about business insurance through a social network). How about Chair Miles instead of Air Miles? Read on and I welcome feedback. Wow or Whoa? You decide…


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Wow or Whoa? What would you think of insurance through a social network?

So I’ve been reading the book “What would Google Do?” by Jeff Jarvis, and in it he suggests that the insurance industry could in fact be remade in Google’s image … or better put it could follow Google’s (an social networks) example. Could the insurance industry be turned on its head? Could the control be put back in the hands of the insured public rather than the industry being based on “mutual disturst” as Jeff Jarvis states?

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Google Latitude gets a WOW … It’s not perfect but I see good things coming.

Have you ever misplaced your cell phone and wondered where it is? Have you ever wondered where your kids are? Have you been in a very large crowd and wondered if any of your friends are there? Or, how about finding someone in a large crowd? Well, now you’re in luck. Google has launched a new service called Google Latitude that might be able to help you answer these questions.

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Magellan GPS whoa! London Drugs customer service WOW!

I bought a Magellan Triton 1500 GPS a few weeks ago from London Drugs. I was excited to try it out … yadda yadda yadda… bad eperience… click to read about it … I took a screen capture of each completed part of the online buying process. Once again I received the error message. I called back with this information ready. A new person now told me that the reason for the error is because they were out of stock on the SD card version and did not know when they would be getting more in. They said it may take a few months. I asked if the version on the SD card would be the same as downloading all of the regions or if it was different. The answer is that it was the same BUT that it also came with the free SD card. I said okay. Let’s do this … I will give you my credit card information and you charge me the $100 and let me download the five regions and you can keep the free SD card. They said “No” Magellan can’t do that. I asked “why not”? They said because it doesn’t work that way and that it was impossible…. yadda yadda yadda … Magellan… Whoa! Do not pass go… Do not collect $200! London Drugs… Wow… Great customer service… Thank you!

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Provincial Election and BC-STV

I thought it might be useful to repost to my blog some information that Arjun Singh sent to me … “The provincial election writ dropped today… all the candidate contact info, as well as info for both proponents and opponents of BC-STV. Basically, you are in the Kamloops South Thompson riding if you live anywhere on the south shore of Kamloops, and in the Kamloops North Thompson riding if you live anywhere on the north shore or along the North Thompson River.”

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The city of Kamloops B.C. is open for business to high-tech companies

The City of Kamloops made a decision to put out requests for proposals and potentially partner with a private company to complete and maintain phase 2 and phase 3 of the Kamloops Community Fibre Optic Network, rather than making you and I (the tax payers) pay for it. This is still an opportunity… The city did not choose to partner with any of the companies who put proposals forward because those proposals did not, in the city’s opinion, present a solid well-formulated and well-financed business plan… when the right company comes along with a good business plan … it IS going to happen!

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